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regret 12/?

title: regret 
rating: pg-13 just to be save
notes: the story is starting to head to another direction now. and again and again a million thank yous toleifang666  for helping and also to the audience of few 

Gackt awoke to the scent of lavender and opened his eyes to find himself in a foreign place. Never ending plains of lavender and purple roses with butterflies flying everywhere. At the corner lies a man, but Gackt couldn’t recognise who is it as the figure is blur, so he walks towards the man.

As he got closer, his hearts flutters. The man there was actually his love, Ukyou Kamimura. Kami turns to face him, giving him a warm gesture to come to him. “I’ve been waiting.”

Gackt pulls the long haired man into a huge hug, tears begins to form. “Why didn’t you wait for me?” was the only the only thing isn’t gibberish and audible he said.

Kami breaks away; his hands brush Gackt’s tears away. “Loves, as much as you wish for it, you’re not dead yet. I just wanted to tell you to move on. Your heart has finally found love again, but you are denying that love.”

“No” Gackt said with voice full of anger yet there is still tenderness and longing in it. “How can you say that? You were and still are the only one in my heart. This new found love is nothing more than a result of loneliness.”

“Just stop saying I’m the only one. I’m sick of seeing you in denial like this. This excuse of yours is making you suffer.” Kami’s eyes went red. “Yes. I know you loved me and still do. But I’m dead. You always forget that you are a human who needs love by the end of the day.” Kami pulls Gackt into an embrace. “I’m happy having a place in your heart and memory. Move on my love.”

Both the lovers let themselves treasure this unusual moment. Sobs and words of encouragement is heard before all becomes darkness.


Kamijo wakes up, feeling all loved, but he pretends to be still asleep. His head is on Gackt and the other man is stroking his hair while humming. He knows that once he opens his eyes all of this will come to an end.

“You are awake aren’t you?” Gackt said, his hands still stroking Kamijo

Kamijo is surprised, how on earth did the other knew he was awake? He was sure he made no moments just now. “Yeah, good morning.” he looks up at Gackt. It’s shown all over Kamijo’s face that he wants this to last for eternity.

“Good morning to you too” Gackt replied, he pushes Kamijo’s head down to his chest. “Don’t worry. I won’t be leaving anytime soon, so if you want to continue sleeping please do.” In fact, he wants Kamijo in a deep sleep immediately so he can think whether to listen to Kami or not. Or more likely to distinguish whether it was only a dream or it was really Kami.

Kamijo closes his eyes but he just couldn’t sleep anymore. The man who he secretly loves so much is just next to him and once again giving him false hope. He places his hand over Gackt’s shoulder and adjusts himself to a more comfortable position.

Gackt knows the blond is not asleep and he decides to break the silence. “Ummm, Kamijo-kun.... are you in a relationship or do you have someone special?” Gackt felt so relived after he got that question off his chest.

Kamijo mind stops functioning. This question was the last thing he could expect. He took a deep breath and answers. “No, I’m not in any relationship, but yes I have someone special in my heart. But it’s one sided, and he doesn’t knows I like him. Why do you ask?”

Gackt’s world came crashing down when Kamijo said he liked someone. ‘He likes somebody else and here I am thinking of having him’ he said to himself. “No particular reasons. I was just curious.” he replied

“Oh...” Kamijo said. `What you don’t know is that the person is you.’ he said to himself before drifting off in his thoughts. “Gackt-san” he said suddenly after a minute of silence “Could it be that you like me?” He knew he was pushing his luck but what harm could come of trying, especially now that Gackt had given him this glimmer of hope.

“Yes” Gackt paused before continuing. “ But seeing that you have someone else in mind, just for....” Before he could finish the sentence, Kamijio’s lips went crashing into his. He accepted it and the kiss became intensive with Kamijo taking the lead. They break it after a while but only due to the need for oxygen.

Kamijo caresses the other’s face. “Idiot. I’ve always loved you. You were the one who captured my heart since the first time I saw you 15 years ago. I couldn’t bring myself to love another ever since then. I love you.” his tears rolling down his cheeks.

Gackt pulls the blond down for a tight embrace, making Kamijo purr. “Sorry. I should have acted sooner. I love you too.” that was all that is left to say. Both men continue to sob in the embrace as the morning passes.



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Jan. 27th, 2011 05:10 pm (UTC)
glad the fic is getting happier XD
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